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Bloppis – Buy Our Kids’ Clothes

It’s been a little emotional around here lately. Ok. I’ve been a little emotional lately.

I’m sorting through, and packing up, and selling our kids’ outgrown (or sometimes never worn) clothes. Léonie is our last baby and I can’t keep all of the baby clothes around anymore. So, I’m selling it all here on the blog.

It’s all in good shape and there is a ton of it – I’m adding more pieces every day as Léonie is growing out of clothes fast than I can sort through them. There will also be some gear (our awesome Stokke day bed pictured above) and maternity stuff!

All the proceeds from these sales will be donated directly to UNICEF. So cheek it out, pick up some great pieces at a great price, and you’ll be doing something good at the same time!

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Painted Egg Cartons for Easter

Yesterday was such a rainy day, so the boys and I decided to do some painting in the morning. Alec and Louis are reluctant crafters, but today they painted wooden egg cups and I think they enjoyed it. And it looks like Léonie wanted to get involved too!

In the meantime, I painted a couple of egg cartons to use as gift boxes this Easter:

I just removed the labels and painted the cartons with craft paint. A second layer was needed where there was print on the top and sides, but for the rest of the carton, one layer of paint was enough. I decided to leave the inside of my cartons un-painted, but you could certainly paint the whole carton if you wanted to (like DesignMom does). You can also use spray paint to paint your cartons, like Kreativa Karin does.

This is such a simple but also charming way to give an Easter gift. We’ve filled ours with these fabulous egg candles, fun feathers and little egg shell planters (LOVE planting in egg shells!) for now. Make sure to check in tomorrow and Thursday to see what goodies I’ll be filling these cartons with as Easter gifts!

Also, how we celebrate Easter in Sweden, and charming Easter cards for the children to make!

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It’s Friday!

It’s finally Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? Is it spring already where you are?

We are dead tired after a week of our minis waking eachother up at 5am (Nonie has been ready to go every morning at 04:40 – me not so much) and are so ready to just flop down on the couch, order up some Thai and watch The Good Wife until we fall asleep.

Here are some links I think you should check out:

What it looks like when fathers are allowed to take over 400 days of paternity leave.

This Ellen clip really inspired me.

Good for her. Not for me.”

How to be more Scandinavian in your everyday life.

My cool second cousin Mats is getting a lot of attention for his super cool wrist cell phone (with GPS!) for kids. Pre-order a Tinitell here!

The trouble with bright girls. This makes so much sense to me.

He passed away a couple of weeks ago and his thoughts on time and mortality are so very very worth reading. Really moved me.

This is why I really choose to limit my kids’ screen time too.

This is so genius! Yay Holland!

Also – Easter is coming up, and with it, spring! I love this time of year and I’m especially excited this year since all of The Creative Collective‘s blogs will be posting Easter-themed inspiration next week! On Tuesday, March 31st, we will all be sharing something on the theme “candy” and on Thursday, April 2nd, we’ll all be sharing something on the theme “eggs”. We’d love for you to join in and share anything Eastery that you are creating. Use the hashtag #tccspåsk. It’ll be so much fun!

Photo of Nonie from my Instagram

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Cooking for Baby

It may not be the cookbook that I would take with me to a desert island, but it is definitely one of the most-used cookbooks in our kitchen. I bought Cooking for Baby by Lisa Barnes before Alec started on solids, way back in the day, and I have cooked from it a lot since then.

Today I made roasted red pepper and goat cheese purée for Léonie’s lunch. It’s the third time I’ve tried this recipe with my babes, and to be honest, none of them have really loved it. But I love that they get to try such a wide array of flavours, textures and spices right from the start.

My friend Kacey once said “Alec eats better than I do. Even on date night”. It was an exaggeration of course. But I do love the variety of food that my babies eat, and the fact that it’s all fresh and un-processed and almost completely organic. It feels right to me that I don’t mind tasting their baby food, and that it tastes good, even to me. It’s something that I am proud of.

But that doesn’t mean that it has always been easy.

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Pre-school ABC Learning Activities

Louis’ group at pre-school has suddenly become really interested in the alphabet. Most of these kids are just between two and three years old but they’re really into it.

Even with such small kids, even without pushing too hard, there’s a lot you can do to encourage an interest in letters and reading. Here are some of the best ideas I’ve found:

Sand trays are a classic montessori tool for practicing letters. A great way to use to them is to start with just tracing shapes, like a wave, or a zigzag. The tray on the left is a salt tray. I like that there is a slot for the letter (or shape) the child is practicing. The tray on the right is a sugar tray.

Another great way to practice letters is tracing them with your fingers. Sandpaper letters are a common Montessori tool. These ones are made with puffy paint, and since I recently made my own DIY puffy paint, I’d love to make these for the kids.

An alphabet museum is a great way to learn letters. It’s so hands-on. Up top is a Montessori sound object box and below is a much simpler diy alphabet museum. I would love to make one like that with the boys. For more on how to work with a Montessori alphabet box, see here.

I think “erasing” letters on a chalkboard with water is a great way to playfully get small children to practice tracing letters.

Did I miss any great learning tools that you’d recommend? How did your children learn their letters?

The photo at the top is the cover of Alec’s ABC book that we made for him a year ago. Maybe it’s time to make one for Louis now!

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18 Great Wallpapers for Kids’ Rooms

I love wallpaper, but it’s the scariest thing, no?

I think when you get it right, there is no better way to decorate a room. But it’s such a huge decision. We took the plunge and wallpapered a wall of our bedroom last fall and we are so happy we did. We love the wallpaper we chose, and I think it really makes the room. Now I’d love to find the perfect wallpaper for the play room and the kids’ bedroom.

The play room is all aquas, light blues, greys and creamy whites. And their bedroom has pops of hot pink, sunny yellow, lime and sky blue. For the play room, I’d probably choose something more neutral (like the little dots) and do the entire room, but in the bedroom (which is a smaller room), I’d love to go with something more bold, but maybe just do one wall.

Here are some of the papers that I have been looking at (click the photos for links). Which one(s) do you like? Would you wallpaper a whole kids room?

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