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Our Favourite First Books

January 15th, 2015

We love to read with the children. We start early (especially with Alec – we read to him every day almost from birth) and we read first thing in the morning and then again before bed (and any other time we’re asked!).

The kids all have their own favourite books, but some books have been loved by all of them (and by Sumit and me!). They’re worn and torn and can be found all over our flat, sometimes in the strangest places. These are our very first favourite books, the ones we know off by heart and love to read over and over again:

Goodnight Moon. A classic that has a given place in every child’s first library. I know it off by heart now and it’s such a soothing read before bed.

Little Blue Truck. Such a great book. It has such an innocent feel to it. I’ll never forget the first time I read it to Alec (he was nine months old) and how much he immediately liked it. It has a great rhyme and rhythm to it – it’s really country – and such a sweet story. The children love the animal sounds and the scenery. Truly one of my very very favourite children’s books ever.

Bear Snores On. There are a bunch of books about Bear and his friends but this is the good one. The rhyme is adorable and the children love the part where the bear sneezes. The illustrations are also so cozy and nice in all the bear books. (My only pet peeve with these books is that it becomes clear in the series that all of the animals are boys – why oh why couldn’t some of bear’s friends be girls?)

Tubby. This book is simple with just a few words and clean easy illustrations. I think the children love it because they can relate so well – it really takes them to their happy place: bath time. Very cute.

A Book of Sleep. A great bedtime story book with interesting illustrations and a lulling tone. This was Sumit’s favourite book to read when Alec was a baby.

The Runaway Bunny. Love love love the runaway bunny. It’s such a great story for mums to read with babies (and kids). The pictures are lovely and the story is beautiful.

Goodnight Gorilla. Actually not my favourite to read, but the kiddos love it. It’s an easy read for us since Sumit only reads in Hindi to the children (even though we don’t really have any storybooks in Hindi) and since they’re aren’t really any words in it, it’s easy to elaborate in any language. When we get to the part where all the animals go to sleep in the bedroom and the gorilla sits on the edge of the bed and yawns, both Alec and Louis do their own big yawns and it is so so adorable. That alone makes it a favourite!

That’s Not My… Alec was given That’s Not My Truck when he was a baby and Louis managed to demolish it pretty quickly when he started “reading”. But he loved that book so much so we bought him That’s Not My Pony for his first birthday. It is still very loved.

On the Night You were Born. This isn’t actually a favourite since I’ve only read it a handful of times, and only really to Alec. It is really lovely but it makes me cry so I just stopped reading it.

What are your favourite first books to read with your babies and to give away as gifts?

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Babies!

December 4th, 2014

It’s Léonie’s first Christmas! There are so many lovely things to wrap up for the littlest people on your list this year. Here’s what I think you should get them:

Léonie has a similar little hat and I think it is so ridiculously cute (Sumit thinks the pom poms are a little silly).

This stroller mobile is the best! There are tons of cute colour and animal combinations (Léonie’s is the black and white one and she can’t take her eyes off it) and they are all natural and chemical free etc.

My sister got Louis a Bliss Stockholm blanket for Christmas when he was a baby and it is the coziest thing ever. Soft and warm. We tuck Léonie into it in the stroller when it’s extra cold.

How cozy would these sheepskin mini mocks be this chilly winter!

Aden and Anais makes the softest coziest muslin loveys. Léonie has this giraffe lovey and she loves it. And now they have merino wool muslin loveys too – perfect for winter!

I really really prefer wooden toys to plastic, so I think this little car, this key chain toy, and this clutching toy, are lovely.

These crochet balls are also a good toy for babies.

This dress with a little bolero cardigan would be perfect for a first Christmas.

I just bought one of these infinity scarves for Nonie. There are a ton of really cool prints to choose from (leggings too!).

Léonie is on her third one of these gorgeous silk baby helmet hats. She’s been wearing them since she was born and we love them and the way they keep her warm when it’s chilly and protect her from the elements when it’s warmer.

This was Alec’s first favourite book when he was a baby and all of our children have loved it. Right now I am loving reading it to Léonie (I know it off by heart).

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Top photo of Léonie at one week old by Linda of Lindísima.

2014 Holiday Gift Guides: Besties, Sisters, Moms, Wives

December 3rd, 2014

Besties and sisters are the easiest to shop for because they’re just like you, right? My sister Sofia is notoriously difficult to shop for, but I think some of these ideas will be enjoyed by her as well! Here’s hoping!

Because who doesn’t want a vintage brass pineapple?

I have wanted a wishbone pendant FOREVER and a couple of weeks ago, Sumit surprised me with one for an anniversary! I love it so much. There are a ton of them available in every price range, in different sizes and slightly different shapes – from Barney’s to Etsy. Mine is pretty small, rose gold and quite dainty. I think the shape is important.

I just saw these gold tattoos on A Cup of Jo and had to order some for me (and friends) immediately. Seriously – how fantastic are they!?

These cool prism air plant hangings would suit any home.

My sister got me these a couple of years ago and it felt like such a luxurious gift, full of the promise of many long baths to come. I’m still enjoying them.

A soft cashmere beanie to keep her warm this winter. I think everyone deserves a little cashmere at Christmas.

I love Oprah and O Magazine and I could use a little wisdom and inspiration right now!

I love the idea of wearing all my babies’ initials around my neck, and I think my bestie would too. There are so many pretty options on Etsy.

This kit looks like a fun way to get into knitting, if you’ve every had the urge!

I totally want this pasta roller attachment for my kitchen aid! Wouldn’t it be a fun way to spend an evening making dinner with your best girls?

This Tiffany’s ring is gorgeous, but there are lots of more affordable, but equally pretty options available on Etsy. Love a simple bow ring. And earrings!!

I saw this marble cutting board at Granit yesterday and just barely made it out of there without buying. Still thinking about it. Will probably go back today.

You can never go wrong with opulent red nail polish for the holidays – what a great stocking stuffer!

These note cards are so pretty, who wouldn’t want to write their thank you notes on these?

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Teeny Tiny New Earrings

November 19th, 2014

Back in the day, my bestie and I used to get together on Saturdays and do the town. Which always meant the following:

  • lunch at NK (I always have the chèvre chaud, she always has the shrimp sallad. We used to have a glass of wine, now we gulp diet coke and cappuccinos to make up for lost sleep)
  • perfume shopping (Ann is always on the hunt for the perfect scent)
  • shoe shopping
  • other shopping
  • drinks on the way home
  • dinner at home – sombreros and wine, a salad, and then candy (mostly for her) and ice cream (B&J for me, Haagen Dazs for her)
  • Hitch (yes – we always watched the same movie)

A couple of weeks ago, after hardly having seen eachother for weeks or months, we got together for a Saturday on the town. Just like old times. Except that neither of us was drinking, I had baby Léonie with me, we were both pretty tired, and both of us had realized that we didn’t need any more shoes.

Never ever did I ever think I would ever not need new shoes. But that’s what’s become of us. Instead we browsed foundations brushes, armchairs and children’s books. And bought earrings! I’ve lost all my small ones, and I don’t like wearing danglies when I’ve got little Léonie constantly in my arms – she is really in that grabby phase right now and she is really strong! So I was looking for small pretty earrings that I could put in and just not take out for a while. I was so happy when I came across these teeny tiny little gold hearts. They’re really small and I think they’re lovely for everyday. I’ve been wearing them for two weeks straight now and love them!

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