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Cooking for Baby

It may not be the cookbook that I would take with me to a desert island, but it is definitely one of the most-used cookbooks in our kitchen. I bought Cooking for Baby by Lisa Barnes before Alec started on solids, way back in the day, and I have cooked from it a lot since [...]

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Our Favourite First Books

We love to read with the children. We start early (especially with Alec – we read to him every day almost from birth) and we read first thing in the morning and then again before bed (and any other time we’re asked!). The kids all have their own favourite books, but some books have been [...]

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Babies!

It’s Léonie’s first Christmas! There are so many lovely things to wrap up for the littlest people on your list this year. Here’s what I think you should get them: Léonie has a similar little hat and I think it is so ridiculously cute (Sumit thinks the pom poms are a little silly). This stroller mobile is the best! [...]

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2014 Holiday Gift Guides: Besties, Sisters, Moms, Wives

Besties and sisters are the easiest to shop for because they’re just like you, right? My sister Sofia is notoriously difficult to shop for, but I think some of these ideas will be enjoyed by her as well! Here’s hoping! Because who doesn’t want a vintage brass pineapple? I have wanted a wishbone pendant FOREVER [...]

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Teeny Tiny New Earrings

Back in the day, my bestie and I used to get together on Saturdays and do the town. Which always meant the following:

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Using Less Plastic

I am on a mission to lessen our use of plastic. Especially for the children. And especially for things that end up in their mouths (which is most things they come into contact with). It’s a health thing for me, but there are of course environmental aspects as well. I’m not going crazy with this [...]

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