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On feeling like a crappy mum

This weekend birthday party season officially started for Alec, since most of his friends have birthdays from now until May. Alec was at home all last week since he was still coughing a lot and feeling pretty tired, but of course he was not going miss the two parties he was invited to this weekend. [...]

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What we’re getting our children for Christmas

Spoiler alert: the short answer is “not much”. The Christmases of my childhood were magical. I remember how long the lead-up to the holidays felt. I remember making wish lists and mailing them to santa clause, earmarking pages in toy catalogues so my parents would know exactly what we were hoping to find under the [...]

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Using Less Plastic

I am on a mission to lessen our use of plastic. Especially for the children. And especially for things that end up in their mouths (which is most things they come into contact with). It’s a health thing for me, but there are of course environmental aspects as well. I’m not going crazy with this [...]

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DIY Potty Training Chart

We recently potty-trained Little A (using the 3-day method). One of the things we found helpful was having a potty chart as a reward system for Alec. We definitely wanted to give Little A a ton of praise and really celebrate his little potty successes along the way, but I’m not crazy about using edible [...]

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Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day in Sweden. My boys are so lucky to have Sumit as their dad. He is a very present and involved father. He takes such pride in his role as their dad and he is so so good at it! So Father’s Day feels like an important day for us to [...]

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Back to Blogging!

I’m back! Thanks for sticking with Mini Piccolini while I took a few weeks off after the (slightly earlier than expected) arrival of the new addition to our family: Little Baby L! Everything has gone really well. Baby L is a delight and Little A is adjusting to his new reality really really well.

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