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Dinner Success: Easy South Indian Dhal

That thing about how babies may need to taste (and reject) something 6-12 times before really knowing if they like it or not really holds true for toddlers, and pre-schoolers as well. Tonight I was craving this delicious dhal so I decided to make it, even though, in the past, none of the children have [...]

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What we’re getting our children for Christmas

Spoiler alert: the short answer is “not much”. The Christmases of my childhood were magical. I remember how long the lead-up to the holidays felt. I remember making wish lists and mailing them to santa clause, earmarking pages in toy catalogues so my parents would know exactly what we were hoping to find under the [...]

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Make Gingerbread Candlesticks out of Cinnamon Dough

It’s day 16 of The Creative Collective‘s 24 Creative Days and today it’s my turn to share a sweet simple something to make in preparation for Christmas. Here’s the backstory:Yesterday my parents took Alec & Louis on an outing to look at the Christmas lights in town, and when they came back in the evening, [...]

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Make Gingerbread Snowman Cake Pops

It’s Day 6 of 24 Creative Days – The Creative Collective Sweden‘s Christmas calendar – and today it’s my turn to share a project to enjoy before Christmas. If you’ve visited before, you know that I love cake pops. I have a tried and true no-bake recipe that I always use, but this year for [...]

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Bake Bread in One Hour

On the way home from school on Wednesday, Alec slowed his scootering in, pulled up alongside me, and said “Mama, I think we’re soon out of bread. I want to bake bread today. And I’m going to make space bread.” So when we got home, I threw together some dough for Alec. I made a [...]

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Louis’ Sandbox Ice Cream Shop

It finally feels like spring has come to Stockholm. Today was sunny and lovely and warm (no mittens!) and Louis and Léonie and I decided to stop by the playground to play for a bit after pre-school. It felt amazing to be without the big warm hats and clumsy mittens. I even worried that Louis [...]

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