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Easy Autumn Leaf Wreath

Do you guys follow Gina at Willowday? If you don’t – you should! I first saw this wreath on Willowday and immediately knew I wanted to make one with Alec. So last (Canadian) Thanksgiving, when the leaves were all perfectly yellow, we made an autumn leaf wreath and it graced my parent’s front door in [...]

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Pink Macarons!

I haven’t really been a huge fan of macarons because I don’t love the taste. At least I thought I didn’t. But they are so incredibly pretty, so when I started planning Léonie’s naming, I knew I wanted to try to make some. Léonie is sick so we ended up canceling her little party this [...]

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It’s Friday!

This week has flown by. It feels like autumn is in the air even if this Friday afternoon has been lovely and sunny. What are you up to this weekend? Sumit is off to spend the weekend in the archipelago with some other daddies, and the boys are going for a sleepover with my in-laws. [...]

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Cool Danish DIY Kids Room

This is obviously a super-designed room, but it also has a lot of budget and DIY details. All the books are stored on IKEA gallery shelves and the cheerful rainbow dresser is also IKEA – the drawers were just painted in different colors. For all the details, visit Design Sponge here.

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DIY Heart Potato Stamp for Valentines Day

This is an easy one that you can use for a ton of different things like making valentines or decorating gifts bags, wrapping paper or gift tags. We used our heart potato stamp to embellish envelopes for the Valentines pendants Alec made for his friends this year.

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Easy DIY Salt Dough Valentines Necklaces

Alec and I decided to make some special valentines gifts for his friends. Since he loves to work with dough (especially play dough), we made pendants and beads out of colored salt dough and then threaded them onto ribbon to make necklaces.

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