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Using Less Plastic

I am on a mission to lessen our use of plastic. Especially for the children. And especially for things that end up in their mouths (which is most things they come into contact with). It’s a health thing for me, but there are of course environmental aspects as well. I’m not going crazy with this [...]

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Paring Down our Diaper Bag Essentials

We recently switched Little Baby L from his stroller bassinet to a regular seat. Previously he was mostly sleeping when we were out with the stroller, but now he is obviously much more awake and not always happy to be lying on his back. So he’s in the seat all tucked into Alec’s old 7 AM Le [...]

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Wool for Babies and Toddlers

It’s that wonky, back-and-forth between seasons, neither-here-nor-there time of year. The last few days it’s been sunny but windy and cold here in Stockholm and it’s snowed in Atlanta (thank you Facebook) and Italy (thank you football game). When my husband was in Barcelona last week it was freezing and he was completely underdressed for [...]

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Sterilizing Baby Stuff in the Microwave

Little Louis and I have had a day in today. Last week when he was a little sick with a cold we had a day when we didn’t go out at all and it was fabulous! I didn’t realize how busy we are and how little time we actually spend at home during the day [...]

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The Ultimate Travel Stroller – BABYZEN YOYO

Here it is, the ultimate travel stroller. The BABYZEN YOYO weighs less than 6kgs and is the first stroller to comply with airline carry-on luggage restrictions. You can fit this thing comfortably in the overhead compartment. Love it.

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My Best Tips, Packing Lists and Favorite Things for Travel with Children

I have travel on my mind. We just got back from a week in London with Little Louis. And it seems like all the moms in my mom’s group are escaping to the sun with their little ones in the next couple of months. So this week will be about travel. I’ll share some baby-friendly [...]

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