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Pre-school ABC Learning Activities

Louis’ group at pre-school has suddenly become really interested in the alphabet. Most of these kids are just between two and three years old but they’re really into it. Even with such small kids, even without pushing too hard, there’s a lot you can do to encourage an interest in letters and reading. Here are [...]

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18 Great Wallpapers for Kids’ Rooms

I love wallpaper, but it’s the scariest thing, no? I think when you get it right, there is no better way to decorate a room. But it’s such a huge decision. We took the plunge and wallpapered a wall of our bedroom last fall and we are so happy we did. We love the wallpaper we [...]

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The Best Easy Everyday Veggie Burgers

Around here, veggie burgers are always a good idea for dinner. We have a few different burgers we make but these Sweet Potato Cannelini Bean Veggie Burgers are definitely a favourite of mine. They are super quick and easy to make, healthy, and always enjoyed by all. The children LOVE them. And I love the [...]

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Getting Organized

Do you ever just get the urge to pull everything you own out of every little corner of you home, sort, throw away and put it all back in order? Right now I feel like I need to go through every inch of our home. Everything feels cluttered and unorganized. I know it’s not really [...]

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It’s Friday!

Yay! It’s Friday! Léonie is right in the middle of a development leap and we are really feeling it. Yesterday I had our whole day set up around long nap walks to and from a lunch date on the other side of town, but Baby Girl was not going to spend a happy minute in [...]

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Our Favourite First Books

We love to read with the children. We start early (especially with Alec – we read to him every day almost from birth) and we read first thing in the morning and then again before bed (and any other time we’re asked!). The kids all have their own favourite books, but some books have been [...]

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