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Wool for Babies and Toddlers

It’s that wonky, back-and-forth between seasons, neither-here-nor-there time of year.

The last few days it’s been sunny but windy and cold here in Stockholm and it’s snowed in Atlanta (thank you Facebook) and Italy (thank you football game). When my husband was in Barcelona last week it was freezing and he was completely underdressed for it. But in the north of Sweden it was a toasty ten degrees celsius.

This is the most frustrating time of year in Sweden. As most of the rest of the world eventually eases in to spring, Stockholm can be frustratingly back and forth, mixing gorgeous warm and sunny ice-cream eating days with sudden flurries. I have learned not to get my hopes up every time the sun peeks out and the locals come out in their shades and sit tucked under fleece blankets under infra-warmers outside every café and restaurant.Last year Alec wore his autumn overall well into May.

This winter has been saved by wool. Of course Alec has had wool inner layers during the winter months since we moved back to Sweden. But it didn’t really occur to me to get Louis all kitted up in wool until I noticed how hard it was to keep him at the right temperature when we were out and about. Occasionally he was cold when we came home but more often he was too hot and sweaty which is not so great in cold weather when you’re wearing cotton. As soon as I put him in wool onesies and leggings – problem solved.

These are our favourite woolens for babies and toddlers:

  • Inner layers by H&M – This year H&M started selling wool long underwear for babies. They are great and so so cheap! The downside is that they are only available in onesie tops, which doesn’t really work for a potty-trained toddler. And they only come in cream, which doesn’t work for a toddler who spends all day at nursery school. But for baby, they could not be a better choice!
  • Middle layers by Polarn O. Pyret – expensive but lightweight and good quality. Alec has a one-piece that he wore all last winter and part of this one, and he also has separates to layer up in
  • Socks by Polarn O. Pyret – PoP socks are more expensive than almost anywhere else but they really are good. They last so you can pass them on to younger siblings, and they have the best anti-slip treads on the bottom. Their wool socks don’t have antislip thought which sucks. Joha makes wool socks with antislip but they seem impossible to get ahold of – always sold out in the size I need.
  • Hats by Polarn O. Pyret – Windproof ones for autumn and spring, toasty warm ones for winter. And a wool helmet hat for baby to wear under whatever else is on.
  • Wool Baby Mittens by Joha – Louis wears these little mittens under his bunting on cold days.
  • Joha Wool PJs – Louis is so cute, and always the right temperature, in his wool pjs.

Besides clothes, this year we have really used lambskins and sheepskins to keep our babies warm. When we were in the country over Christmas and the first few days were absolutely freezing – both kids slept on skins and stayed warm. Alec has a lambskin on his seat in our stroller and Louis even has one tucked inside his 7.AM Baby bunting. Both kids also have gorgeous sheepskins in their rooms as a perfect spot to have a cuddle and a warm spot for changing clothes etc.

I haven’t bought anything from Nature Baby - but their collection of natural merino wool clothes look so so tempting.

Do your children wear a lot of wool in the winter months?

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  1. Mark
    Posted March 4, 2013 at 22:52 | Permalink

    So true about Stockholm Mina! All those hot-and-cold, global, polar contrasts at the beginning, what great writing!

  2. lauren
    Posted March 10, 2013 at 20:57 | Permalink

    I love layering my little one in his ‘woolies’. I found tops and bottoms (alternative to the onesie) at Danish Woolen Their customer service is awesome too – they helped us choose the right size to get more than one season’s wear, assisted with washing instructions and gave us an ample discount and free shipping when we told them we discovered them thru our Waldorf school! Great company and great product!

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