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Easy DIY Salt Dough Valentines Necklaces

Alec and I decided to make some special valentines gifts for his friends. Since he loves to work with dough (especially play dough), we made pendants and beads out of colored salt dough and then threaded them onto ribbon to make necklaces.

Salt dough is super easy to make. Here is our recipe:

  • 1 part salt
  • 1 part water
  • 2 parts flour
  • vegetable oil (if you wish)
  • food color
Just mix everything together and adjust water and flour until you have the right consistency – sort of like a regular sugar cookie dough. Salt dough can be quite drying because of the salt, so make sure to wash little hands once you are done.
Salt dough can dry at room temperature overnight, or you can bake it at around 100 degrees celsius for an hour or two. Dry salt dough can be painted, but we added color beforehand and then just glazed the hearts when we were done.

We used a drinking straw to make holes in our pendants and beads. And we decorated our creations with sugar silver balls and hearts. You can also use stamps to print names in your dough.

Once our pendants and beads were dry, we threaded them on red ribbon to make Valentines Necklaces that we will send to Alec’s friends!

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Last year we did finger painting with edible paint.

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