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2012 In Review

2012 just flew by for me. Especially the second half of it. Of course – our big highlight was the arrival of little Louis!

The first half was a little rough. It was a looong winter in Sweden. We were a little bummed to have left Atlanta. Alec was constantly sick. I was uncomfortably pregnant.

But we found our groove, settled into our flat a little and the weather got better. And we started getting excited about baby #2!

We had a little getaway in Spain. The sun did wonders for us and Little A got steadier on his feet.

When summer came around we headed to the country for a couple of weeks of fresh air.

And then he was here. Little Baby L! A little earlier, and a little teenier than expected, but also so much more of a light and a joy than we could have ever anticipated.

Alec started nursery school, started speaking more and more, and just blossomed into the lovely, humorous little boy that he has become. And Little Louis grew and grew. We couldn’t imagine our family without our sunny little baby.

It’s been a quick little year, but such a very full one for us. If 2013 is half as full of wonder, that’ll be enough for me!

What was the highlight of your 2012?

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    Loved the pictures and especially the last smile!

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