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Dressing a Baby for Winter Weather

The weather is CRAZY today. So crazy that we are not even considering going out. But yesterday Louis and I put on our winter best and headed out in the snow to run some errands. It was freezing so we had to switch some things up to go from autumn to winter.

Little Baby L had on his winter best (isn’t he so cute?!):

He was just wearing a regular onesie and footed leggings underneath, but I really need to pick him up some wool inner layers now that winter is here, considering how much time he spends in his stroller. Here’s what Louis is wearing these days to stay warm:

  • Polarn O. Pyret Wool Inner Layer Helmet Hat. Wool is perfect as an extra layer under the very plush hood of Louis’ bunting. It’s the best temperature regulator.
  • H&M Overall/Bunting. Louis is growing so fast, so I was really happy to find such a good overall at H&M – obviously at a much much better price than the Polarn O. Pyret overall he was wearing for fall. I like that it works as a sleeping bag (I don’t even really need to put his arms in the sleeves), but can also be easily converted (with just one zip) into an overall with legs for sitting in the car seat or carrier.
  • Phil & Ted’s Cocoon. It’s actually pretty well padded, so I feel like it helps to keep Louis warm, especially when I zip it up properly.
  • Lindex Booties. He had kicked one off when we got home, but his feet were toasty warm anyways.
  • Wool Mittens by Joha. These are fab. They are wool, so breathable etc. There’s no thumb so they’re perfect for infants and they have a smart little drawstring so they stay on. Love them!

And I put the toasty muff on the stroller. I had the organizer on the handlebar before, so I’ll have to find another place for that, but it’s worth it to stay warm!

So Louis was warm. And so was I. Though not as cute as Baby L. I was sporting the giant parka I bought last winter to keep my bump warm. Must go shopping for myself at some point!

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  1. Dulcinea Sihra
    Posted December 5, 2012 at 23:48 | Permalink

    You should try the wool and cotton onesie that Petit Bateau does. It is a great layer for them. What’s great is that they have it for babies and two pieces for toddlers etc. You should also check out 7 A.M. Enfant for their buntings etc. I’ve found them to be the best and what’s great is that it can open up completely (their Blanket 212) to also double as a blanket for long car trips etc. I have the donkey too and usually just strap the oragnizers to the back of the seats for both kids. (I have my 6 month old in her seat already). They act as my diaper bag for each. It was a bit daunting at first to pare down their essentials that much but unless its a whole day out it feels liberating to not bring the whole house with us.

    • Mina
      Posted December 5, 2012 at 23:53 | Permalink

      I will definitely check out the Petit Bateau onesies – thanks for the tip! Love 7AM bunting. Our toddler Alec had bunting from them last year (actually now that you mention it, I should just take it apart and let him sit on the bottom portion this year) and I’m planning to use it for Louis once we transition him to the seat in a couple of months.

      Great idea to strap the organizer to the back of the seat. I really need to pare down the essentials for these kids so it’s a great idea to have one organizer for each kid! Will definitely try that. Thanks!

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