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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: My Wish List

What do I want for Christmas? Cozy clothes that aren’t tattered t-shirts and leggings. Easy casual fashion pieces and accessories to wear when I’m out without my little sidekick. Some motivation to get back into shape. And a little R&R.

COZIES. I’m definitely spending a ton more time at home these days, but comfy doesn’t have to be frumpy. It’s time for some prettier loungewear!

J. Crew Cashmere Hoodie. There is a non-zipper version too, but what could be cozier than zipping yourself into soft cashmere when you get up in the morning?

Soft Goat Cashmere Pants. Too cozy. And it’s a socially responsible company too.

Monogrammed PJs. I love this nightshirt!

A Camel-coloured Cashmere Throw. I’m always freezing and would love to be able to cuddle down under a cashmere throw in the evenings. Something like this one.

OUT AND ABOUT. Little Baby L’s crazy schedule is starting to stabilize and I can finally start to look forward to a couple of hours away on my own once in a while. Time to pretty up a little!

Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag. Because I won’t be lugging around this diaper bag forever. I have been coveting this bag for as long as I can remember. I love it.

J. Crew Coat. I love this colorful one in a classic cut and this luxurious one - it looks so cozy!

J. Crew Pants. I’ve broken my “leggings-are-not-pants” rule more times than I care to admit since Little L was born. I have these pixie pants in black and they’re the perfect legging alternative. This version in navy is so cute!

French Locket. I would love to have one of these to keep my little babes close to my heart when they’re not with me!

Hermes Bracelets. They are so fabulous and what would be prettier than the gold ones in navy and mole?

Manolo Blahnik Blue Flats. I wore these pumps for our wedding and I would absolutely love to have the flats version. What could be cuter. And comfier?

Cole Haan Wedge Boots. In a city like Stockholm, footwear has to be a little practical,but practical doesn’t have to be ugly. These boots are waterproof and have a wedge heel to give shorties like me a little lift!

TRIWA Watch. This is the perfect watch for my casual lifestyle.


A KICK IN THE BUTT. Time to get back in shape. Little L is four months old now and my gym card is only frozen until new years. Nothing is as motivating as cute and functional workout gear!

I need trainers and just workout clothes, including outerwear so I can power walk with the stroller. Casall makes some great stylish workout clothes.

R&R. I would kill for a massage and a facial, not to mention a mani/pedi. And I would love to spend the evenings after Christmas cuddled up with my husband watching Downton Abbey.

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    I’d take your list ,too! Happy Holidays, Mini Piccolini!

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