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DIY Potty Training Chart

We recently potty-trained Little A (using the 3-day method). One of the things we found helpful was having a potty chart as a reward system for Alec.

We definitely wanted to give Little A a ton of praise and really celebrate his little potty successes along the way, but I’m not crazy about using edible treats as a reward, and we didn’t feel like we could give him a present for every single success. It would end up being too much stuff and too much of a distraction.

So I made Alec a star chart. Alec was just shy of 23 months old when we potty-trained him, but he immediately “got” the potty chart and how it worked. We decided that he would earn one gold star for each potty success, and that four gold stars would equal a present. Alec likes the number four and it felt like four stars was achievable for him.

I made the chart using a piece of cardboard I ripped off an old moving box, some leftover black flannel, colorful felt scraps, a piece of ribbon, and my trusty glue gun. It’s really important that the background is made of flannel fabric because felt doesn’t stick to felt, felt sticks to flannel.

Here’s how you make it:

  • Cover the cardboard with your flannel fabric using glue gun
  • Cut out shapes and decorate using ribbon if you wish
  • Glue the shapes to the background
  • Cut out as many star shapes as you have decided to use (I used a star-shaped cookie cutter to get the shape right)
Then I wrapped up a bunch of books and some other little trinkets, like cookie cutters and molds to use with playdough. And then Alec started earning his stars!
Another idea is to stitch on your pee and poop symbols with just one or two stitches so that you can easily cut them off and replace them with other symbols in the future – tooth brushes, clean room, made bed – the possibilities are endless!
Surprisingly, it wasn’t at all difficult to wean Alec off the chart after those first intense potty-training days. He doesn’t demand a star or a present for every potty-visit. Rather, the chart is still in his room and he plays with it and the stars a little but it has served its purpose now and I guess I’ll tuck it away somewhere for Louis in a bit!

Would you like to hear more about our potty-training experience?

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