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Shopping for Baby #2

As promised – here is the list of everything we are getting for little Baby #2 who is due to arrive quite soon!

Since this is our second baby, we don’t actually need that much new stuff. We’ll be reusing almost everything from Alec. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl last time either, so all of our newborn stuff works for either (and we are not so into the blue and pink thing anyway). But of course, it’s fun to buy a few new things just for this little baby, and some of Alec’s old stuff needed to be replaced or refreshed…

Here’s what we’ve got:


Mini Piccolini - Shopping for Baby #2

1. BABY CLOTHES. We have everything we need. We stocked up on a bunch of Gerber’s fabulous side-snap long-sleeved shirts that we loved so much for Alec, and his old ones have held up remarkably well and are actually even softer and more lovely now. We replaced Alec’s old Halo Sleepsack Swaddles with new sets in cotton, velboa and fleece. We have added a couple of colder climate essentials like this Polarn o. Pyret fleece newborn overall/wrap blanket and this wind fleece baby overall. Even though this baby will be a summer arrival, evenings can get chilly in Sweden, and autumn will be here before we know it.

2. WUBBANUB PACIFIERS. Alec still loves his Wubbanub pacifiers even though we are trying to get him to use more teeth-friendly pacifiers instead. The other day he actually chewed through one of the nipples so we need to do something fast. We’ve ordered a couple of giraffe wubbanubs for the new baby but this time we’ll try to transition onto a more tooth-friendly pacifier at around the six month mark.

3. SOPHIE. Alec doesn’t really use his Sophie anymore but we’re still going to get a new one for the new baby since it was such a constant must-have for those first eight or nine months or so.

4. CRIB MOBILE. I’m DIYing this one – stay tuned!

5. SLEEP SHEEP. We have a Sleep Sheep and a Mini Sleep Sheep (for travel) that we still use for all of Alec’s sleep (except in the stroller) every single day. At first I thought we would just use the Mini Sleep Sheep for the new baby, but I think we’ll get a proper new one for the crib so that we have the mini one easily available to pack for trips. Who knows, maybe we’ll need a second mini sleep sheep as well if our kids end up sleeping in separate rooms when we’re in the country etc.

6. BABY BATH TUB. We had a simple baby tub with a sling which we found so useful for newborn baths with Alec. Then we switched over to a Hoppop toddler tub which we loved. It got damaged in shipping to Sweden and now we don’t have a little tub at all. Hoppop also makes a bucket-style tub for babies, but I have a hard time seeing how it would work for a newborn. Since we couldn’t find a good sling option and are trying to find things that don’t take up too much space, we ended up buying the very cool Boon Inc. Naked tub. Read more here.

7. CRIB. We chose the IKEA Sundvik. You can see all the options we considered here and why we chose the Sundvik here.

8. BABY MONITOR. We had an Angelcare baby monitor for Alec in Atlanta and I loved the peace of mind that it gave me to know that an alarm would sound if he stopped breathing. I realize it’s a little over-zealous, but until we got it set up, I just could not relax about Alec sleeping in his crib. So it was a must for us. Once he started rolling off the sensor causing false alarms, we just stopped using the movement alarm, but it was still a great baby monitor. We sold it because we didn’t want to deal with voltage adapters etc (and actually don’t need a sound monitor in our old, thin-walled flat in Stockholm) when we moved back to Sweden. But we ordered We bought another Angelcare for the new baby too and now they make one that has video as well! Yay!

9. SIBLINGS WITHOUT RIVALRY. This is the one new parenting book I will be reading specifically in preparation for the new addition to the family.



Mini Piccolini - Shopping for Baby #2 (Strollers, Gear, Feeding)

1. DOUBLE STROLLER. We just picked up our new Bugaboo Donkey. See why we chose it here, and what we got in terms of accessories etc. here.

2. HIGH CHAIR WITH NEWBORN SET. Since we’ll need another Tripp Trapp for the new baby when it’s time to start solids, we decided to just buy one now and use it with a newborn set for the first months. This will provide a safe place for baby to hang out when I have stuff going on in the kitchen, and will also allow our new addition to join in family meals from the start.

3. BREAST PUMP. We also sold the Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast pump that I used in Atlanta. It worked well for me so I wanted another one of the same. Medela seems to be phasing out the Pump In Style in favor of a (more expensive) pump called Freestyle but it seems to be getting mixed reviews, and since the Pump in Style worked for me, I was quick to order one of the Pump in Styles that were still available on Amazon.

4. PUMP & BOTTLE PARTS. Most pump and bottle parts shouldn’t be re-used, so we’re getting new bottle nipples and extra sets of valves etc for the new breast pump.

5. DRYING RACK. The Boon Inc. drying rack that we already have seems always to be full so we got another one for Baby #2′s pump and bottle parts.

6. CAR MIRROR. We still have Alec’s infant car seat that we’ll be re-using for the new baby. We just a need a second EasyView mirror so that we can see the little one in the back seat from the front seat.

7. PLAY MAT. We had two for Alec – a Baby Einstein Baby Neptune one which we kept tucked away in the nursery because I thought it was too ugly, and a cute IKEA one. At the moment we’re using the bottom padded mat of the IKEA one as a play mat in Alec’s room (tucked into a SWOOP bag) so we bought a new one from IKEA for the new baby. The ones they have now have a circus theme and a really plushy soft play mat which is nice.

8. BABY CARRIER. We have the BabyBjörn Original Organic Baby Carrier that we used for Alec but it’s not one of the things we got a ton of use out of last time around. I found it a little too bouncy to use a whole lot with Alec while he was really little. And then by the time he really felt stable enough for us to take walks with it, it was quite heavy to carry. Admittedly it was indispensable when we travelled and for a hike we did once. I think we will be doing more baby-wearing this time around – just because we will need more hands-free carrying since we’ll have our hands full with Alec, and because we live a much more urban lifestyle in Stockholm than we did in Atlanta. We won’t be driving much, but we will be managing the logistics of a teeny tiny elevator and inner city living. So we bought a Dreamy Dot sling/carrier hybrid to start and will probably be considering an Ergo carrier in the future.

9. TRAVEL CRIB. We love the BabyBjörn Travel Cot that we have for Alec. For any travel we do the first few months, we can just use the stroller bassinet and/or a baby nest, but after that, we’ll need a second travel cot for the new baby if Alec isn’t really be done with his yet.

10. TRAVEL STROLLER. We keep a Baby Jogger City Mini in the trunk of our car so we don’t have to lift our main stroller in and out of the trunk unnecessarily. We also use the City Mini for travel since it’s so easy to fold and carry and so we don’t have to worry about travel damage to our main stroller (read about our city mini and how we like it here). With two babies, I think we will end up using a carrier a lot more for the little one and probably make do with our single City Mini for shorter outings. But for travel, we think we’ll probably end up buying a City Mini Double Stroller in the end.

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  1. Lollo
    Posted July 27, 2012 at 22:52 | Permalink

    Skip hop also has super cute play mats if you need a 2nd one

  2. Alexandra
    Posted August 22, 2013 at 08:24 | Permalink

    Hi Mina! Can you suggest a shop in Stockholm where we can buy baby jogger stroller? I failed to find any info in the net(

    • Mina
      Posted August 22, 2013 at 20:37 | Permalink

      Yes – you can buy the city mini at BabyLand (There is one on Karlbergsvägen in Vasastan) and Bonti (there is one on Norrtullsgatan by Odenplan and one on Karlavägen on Östermalm). I know that the City Mini is widely available in Stockholm (you see them all over the city).
      Good luck!

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