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Safari Details for the Nursery

I know it’s a bit ridiculous to daydream about details when the nursery still looks like a storage room/disaster zone, but I can’t help it. Today I browsed fabrics for lampshades, cushions, bedding and curtains etc.

I’m also trying to make a few small purchase decisions that could really set the tone since it’s such a small room. For example I would like to order a bunch of Wubbanub pacifiers (preferably all of one animal, and definitely not monkeys, since Alec has monkeys) and a white noise maker (Alec has the Cloud B Sleep Sheep). And I can’t get those animal prints out of my head! Somehow I got stuck on giraffes…

Here are some things we have, and some things we might buy for this nursery (clockwise as shown in picture above):

  • Photo Art. I love pretty much every print in the Animal Print Shop and would love to have one or two in this new nursery. The baby giraffe is definitely an option.
  • Cloud B Gentle Giraffe. I am a believer in white noise for babies. I think it helps to soothe them and I love how bringing Alec’s sleep sheep with us when we travel has helped us to recreate an environment where he feels safe and comfortable wherever we go. I was planning to just go ahead and order a new Sleep Sheep On The Go for the new baby, but perusing giraffes today got me thinking about the Gentle Giraffe instead.
  • Elephant Fabric. I originally popped some of this fabric, but in blue, in my shopping cart for Alec’s room. I am planning to do a cover for one of the big square cushions on his reading nook. He already has some elephant stuff in his room and blue is his accent color. The fabric comes in yellow as well and might make a nice cushion or perhaps a duvet cover for the baby.
  • 3 Sprouts Canvas Toy Bin. This is a piece we already have for the nursery. Alec has a couple of these bins in his room and they are fabulous for quick toy tidy-ups. I put the zebra one in the new nursery because of the yellow, but it would of course match up nicely with some giraffe stuff as well.
  • Hippo Bookends. We bought these Serena & Lilly Menagerie Faux Leather Bookends before leaving Atlanta and put them away for Alec or a future baby. We ended up deciding to use them in the new nursery since there is no book shelf in there for now (later on I think we will replace the dresser/changing table with open shelves for baby’s toys and books). These bookends will make it easier to line up some books on the window sill.
  • Yellow Cloud Fabric. I bought some vintage yellow cloud fabric from a second hand shop on our street recently but it’s a pretty small piece. I’m considering covering some lamp shades in this fabric as I think it’s really sweet.
  • Giraffe Wubbanub. I think wubbanub pacifiers are fabulous (I’ve raved about them here, here and here) – they are easy for even a teeny baby to grab ahold of and they don’t fly across the room as soon as they are spit out. And they’re super cute! Alec has monkeys, so we will have to get another animal for Baby #2 (and even so, I don’t know how we are going to handle the situation of Alec only having his pacis for sleeping, diaper changes, and sometimes in the car or stroller, while Baby #2 will be allowed to have his/hers more often for the first few months). Alec actually had a giraffe as well before we settled on monkeys and I think it is pretty cute.

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