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Pregnancy Style – Maternity Swimsuits

Last time, I had an awesome maternity swimsuit from H&M that got me through my whole pregnancy and the first couple of months thereafter. Unfortunately I wore it out and H&M hasn’t had any swimsuits in their maternity collection this time around.

I’ve bought three swimsuits now so I should be set for the rest of my summer pregnancy and for the months of nursing to come:

1. GAP MATERNITY TANKINI. It’s a two-piece but with good coverage.

2. BOOB FAST FOOD SWIMSUIT. I hate that it’s called “fast food” and it is probably not the most flattering suit I will ever wear, but I love that it has nursing functionality.

3. TOP SHOP STRIPED SWIMSUIT. Remember my maternity finds from TopShop?

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  1. Addy
    Posted June 11, 2012 at 12:14 | Permalink

    I wish i had you and your fashion sense when i was pregnant… though my kiddos are not so little anymore I enjoy reading your articles ;-) these are Fab. and the previous fashion posts too!

    • Mina
      Posted June 11, 2012 at 13:59 | Permalink

      Oh Addy, I am so not-fashionable when I’m not sporting a bump and just have to worry about dressing a body that I should really know quite well by now. So dressing a bump is daunting, and writing about it even more so!! Seriously thought about asking my sister (who hasn’t been pregnant yet) to just figure it all out for me because she has style!

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