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Pregnancy Style – Maternity Dresses

Pregnancy Style Week continues!

As I’ve said before – one of the maternity options I have been searching the hardest for is the perfect maternity dress. Once you’re nursing, dresses are very hard to wear and I miss wearing dresses!

Here are the dresses that have worked for me, or that I hope are going to work for me:

  1. Top Shop Maternity Stripe Tunic. Remember my 3-for-3 shopping success from Top Shop recently? I have used the striped tunic dress a few times already and I like it. It doesn’t photograph really well (beach ball warning), but it’s cute and comfy for everyday.
  2. Top Shop Maternity Bodycon Tunic. Since the striped tunic dress worked so well, I’m considering getting this grey one as well.
  3. Banana Republic Annie Faux Wrap Dress. I bought this a while back, in black (petite). As soon as I tried it one I realized it would be a great maternity dress so I put it away for a pregnant day and it has worked quite well.
  4. Hatch Collection Slouch Dress. I just ordered this hoping it will work well to dress up for evenings or dress down over leggings for everyday. I love the v-neck and the sapphire silk.
  5. Hatch Collection Gown. The silhouette of this dress looks quite flattering as a more formal gown – at least if you’re not pregers. I’m hoping it will be cute even with a bump. We have a wedding to pop into a couple of weeks after delivery and since it’s hard to foresee what size and shape I will be then, I’m hoping this will work for that occasion as well as for a couple of formal and semi-formal events that we have to go to during the last month or so of this pregnancy.
  6. Koka Mama Shirt Dress with Tie. This looks cute so I might get it.

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