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Favourite American Things for 3-9 month-olds

We have friends here in Stockholm with a three-month old. This week, Dad is heading to NYC for a few days and we were asked what should be bought and brought back to Sweden for the little guy. I’ve put together a list of great stuff for babies (but not the very youngest babies) that I would buy (and do buy when I get the chance).

Pretty much anything (strollers, gear, baby food, baby clothes, etc) you are going to buy for a baby is going to be cheaper in the US than in Europe, but only one thing on my list is there just for that reason. Everything else is stuff you can’t actually get over here. So here are my favourite American things for ca 3-9 month-olds:

  1. BABY JOGGER CITY MINI. This stroller is of course available in Sweden as well, but it is almost three times more expensive here. Since it’s so light and easy to transport, I would highly recommend buying one the in US. This is a great second stroller that would be perfect for this family that spends so much time on-the-go.
  2. WUBBANUB PACIFIER. You actually can buy these in Sweden here, but they are not super easy to find. We have given Wubbanubs to a few babies here and they seem to become the pacifier of choice every time! Alec LOVES his monkey wubbanubs and won’t take any other pacifier as you can read here and here.
  3. BOOGIE WIPES. These are so fantastic. They have the most delicious scent and magically dissolve the most stubborn baby snot to help your little one breath a little easier. I’ve mentioned them before here.
  4. BABY FOOD. We have HIPP and Ella’s Kitchen in Sweden, but I found the selection of baby food so much more inspiring in the US. Sprout, Plum Organics, Happy Baby and Ella’s Kitchen all have a ton of organic baby food in a wide variety of appetizing flavors. Even if you make your own baby food, it’s so great to have some yummy pre-packaged ones for travel and meals on-the-go. Also, there is not a lot of organic fruit available here in Sweden, especially not in the winter months. Instead of just eating pears, apples and bananas, some packaged baby foods can help to add some variety in flavors to the menu.
  5. BABY MUM MUMS. These rice rusks are the perfect first finger food/snack for baby. They dissolve quickly so you don’t have to worry about choking. Alec LOVED them and I never left the house without these in my diaper bag until he was past one-year-old. PUFFS.
  6. PUFFS. Alec was the world champion of the pincer grasp from an early age and I credit puffs with his well-developed fine motor skills. Organic, full of good stuff, quick-dissolving.
  7. BOON DISPENSING SPOON. It’s meant to be exclusively for Plum Organics, but it works on any squeezy baby food (with a screw-on cap). You just screw it onto the baby food tube and feed directly through the spoon. When I traveled to Canada with Alec alone, I don’t know how I would have fed him by myself on the plane if I hadn’t had these spoons (as I mentioned here).
  8. TABLE TOPPERS. Conveniently create a clean surface for baby to eat off on-the-go and make clean-ups easier when the meal is done.
  9. SNACK CATCHER. It’s actually available in Sweden, but still everyone comments on Alec’s Snack Catcher and it has been a great way to slow down snack-intake and make cleaner snacking possible when out and about.
  10. DESITIN DIAPER CREAM. I use several different diaper creams but Desitin’s two varieties are my favourite.
  11. ERBAVIVA BABY OIL. Organic and with a lovely scent. We use this baby oil daily for Alec’s massages after bath time.
  12. BABY GAP. For a small baby, I really like Baby Gap’s First Favourites. Alec’s pjs, onuses and bundlers from this collection stayed so soft and lovely and I’m already looking forward to using them again for Baby #2. Baby Gap also has such cute stuff for little boys and girls. A Gap hoody is a must-have for every age and we got so many compliments for Alec’s little caps.
  13. MZ WALLACE DIAPER BAG. If you’re going to NYC and you’re looking for the perfect gift for a new momma, look no further!
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  1. Posted July 31, 2013 at 10:29 | Permalink

    So helpful! I’m in Ireland and heading back to the states later this fall to stock up on baby things for our first baby:) Thanks!

    • Mina
      Posted August 14, 2013 at 21:38 | Permalink

      Congratulations! I’ll try to do a newborn shopping post in the next few weeks – there is a ton of great stuff that you should buy!

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