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Packing for a One-Year Old (Sleep, Care, Feeding)

Yesterday I shared our carry-on packing list for our trip to Spain – we’re are traveling today. Now I’ll share part one of our main packing list: covering everything we need for sleep, care (and first aid) and feeding.

We’re traveling by air, renting a car, and staying in 2-bedroom suites at two different hotels which both have a beach/resort feel. Baby A is 16 months old.

So here is what we are bringing this time:


When it comes to sleep while we are traveling, it’s all about keeping things as familiar as possible for Alec. We want him to recognize his routine and surroundings as much as possible, so we’re willing to drag a little extra stuff with us to make that possible.

  1. Baby Björn Travel Cot. Yes, taking a bed along does take up some space, but we have purchased extra baggage allowance, and it actually fits in a big suitcase with room to spare for pretty much all of Alec’s other stuff. We love this bed (I’ve talked about it previously here and here). It’s light, crazy easy to set-up and take down, and Alec is always secure and comfortable in it, so it makes transitions and sleeping in unfamiliar places easier.
  2. Rätt Start Blanket/Duvet and Pillow plus two sets of sheets, pillow cases etc.
  3. Sleep Sheep On-The-Go. We use the sleep sheep every single time we put Alec to sleep, to signal that it’s time for bed and to mask any distracting sounds that could wake Alec up. The travel version makes it possible for us to make Alec’s environment more familiar to him when we are away from home.
  4. IKEA Baby Monitor. We don’t use a baby monitor at home any more, but we will be staying in two-bedroom suites for this trip since we don’t do well all sleeping together in one room (my husband doesn’t fall asleep again easily once woken, and Alec fusses a lot when he knows we are right there). The IKEA monitor is teeny, battery-operated and has good reach. It’s also crazy cheap.
  5. Halo Sleepsack. We have just switched Alec from his smaller stroller-sized blanket to the larger crib-sized one and also transitioned him out of his sleepsack. But for this trip we will bring the sleep sack in case the air-conditioning makes it necessary.
  6. Wubbanub Pacifiers. Alec has all monkeys (I think we have seven of them) and he likes to have one in his mouth and one in his hand when he’s falling asleep. I’ve mentioned them before herehere and here.
  7. Pyjamas. 3 sets. We are using Polarn O. Pyret and H&M pjs at the moment.
  8. Soft Toys. Alec isn’t really particularly attached to any of his soft toys. He’s very equal-opportunity. But he does like to have something cuddly around for a hug and when he goes to sleep. So we will be bringing his two favorites, Sverker the bear and his jellycat bunny (it is so crazy soft) that were both gifts from my sister.



We want to keep things simple of course, but also be sure that we have everything we really are going to need on hand:

  1. Diapers & Wipes. Just enough Cruisers/Active Fit to get us through the first day and a half, and enough Baby Dry for the entire trip since we won’t go through an entire pack of these. We will buy more diapers on arrival. One or two packs of wipes, we’ll buy more when we arrive.
  2. Diaper Creams. I’m packing the open tubes we were using before we left and replacing them with new ones at home. Whatever we don’t use up on the trip I’ll just throw out.
  3. Vitamin D & Probiotic Drops
  4. Baby Hair Brush
  5. Disposable Changing Pads & Trash Bags. Just a few to help with messy changes.
  6. Baby OilBaby Soap & Shampoo
  7. Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste
  8. First Aid Kit. Just the basics that can be good to have on hand considering how often Alec has been sick lately: saline nasal drops, baby pain killer, thermometer and vaseline, teething gel.



This will be the first trip we do where we haven’t planned Alec’s meals out ahead of time and prepped everything. He’s 16 months old now and pretty much eats what we eat. Just like with everything else, we want to keep everything as recognizable as possible for Alec while we’re traveling. So we will be dragging along quite a bit of stuff like oat meal etc. As well as a few ready-meals. Just in case.

  1. Porridge. Alec has oatmeal every morning and it’s extra important for him to have the fortified baby ones since he is a vegetarian. They’re easy to prepare by just adding hot water, so it should be no problem for us to make this for him wherever we are.
  2. “Välling” and a tbsp measure. Uniquely Swedish (and Finnish, apparently). Swedish children have välling from around six months until they are a few years old. There are varieties made of corn, oats, rye, rice etc. It’s sort of a cross between formula and cereal and this is what Alec has in his bottle three times a day. We usually microwave it but we can also make it with boiled water. We’ll bring regular powder and ready-mixed tetra paks for the trip.
  3. Bottles. Alec takes three bottles a day (first thing in the morning, before afternoon nap and before bed). We’ll add extra bottles for take-offs and landings during the flights, which means I will bring along a total of five bottles so that we don’t have to do any awkward washing up during the trip.
  4. Squeezies and Ready Meals. Alec is mostly eating what we eat so I think we will do fine for most meals, but we’ll bring along at least enough squeezy baby purés so that he can have one a day. I’ll also bring along one or two toddler ready meals in case we are in a bind anywhere.
  5. Little Packs of Mixed Beans.
  6. Raisins. If Alec is fussy about food, a half raisin on the spoon makes anything go down.
  7. Take’n Toss Bowls, Sippies, and Utensils. Light, stackable, easy-to-clean and no stress if we forget some somewhere.
  8. Sippies and Spoons. I’ll bring a couple of regular sippy cups and feeding spoons as well.
  9. Bibs. I’ll bring 2-3 of these foldable (but also super-easy to clean) ones and a bunch of disposables.
  10. Table Toppers. For restaurant meals. Creates a clean surface for Alec to eat off and makes clean-up easy.
  11. Ziploc Bags. Super practical when putting together take-along kits for restaurant meals/flights.
  12. Laundry Detergent. For handwashing in case of emergencies.I’ll post the rest of our packing list tomorrow so be sure to check back!
  13. Dishwashing Liquid & Bottle Brush. At home we use a dishwasher basket and clean pretty much all Alec’s stuff in the top rack of the dishwasher. For hand washing while we are away, a bottle brush will make the job easier.
Tomorrow I’ll share the second part of our main packing list covering clothes, gear and play.

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