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Great Maternity Finds from TopShop


I recently ordered a few maternity pieces from TopShop, hoping, but not expecting, that they would arrive before our little trip to Spain. Well, they got here yesterday and all three pieces are keepers! I don’t think that has ever happened to me before when shopping online, and especially not with maternity clothes which are so difficult to envision ahead of time. 

I am so pleased with all of these items since they all represent holes in my current wardrobe that I had almost given up hope of filling during pregnancy:

  • A great swimsuit. I had a fabulous one from H&M through my last pregnancy but I literally wore it out with all those pregnancy water aerobics classes and all the swimming we did with Alec when he was a baby. This one is fun in that it’s not just plain black. I like that it has a nice low back and a little more interesting neckline since maternity suits tend to be very covering and unflattering. This one really is very nice-looking and well-fitting. Yay!
  • A pretty blouse. I’ve found a lot of good everyday tops, but not too much that I can wear with jeans, black skinny pants or a skirt and sort of dress up without being too dressed up. It’s a shame it’s 100% polyester because I could otherwise see myself wearing this even post-pregnancy (post-breastfeeding). I also wonder a bit how it will fit in a couple of months since it’s not super-roomy over my bump. But very very pretty!
  • A cute day dress. I never really found any good maternity dresses last time around and then with not being able to wear them while breastfeeding, I have been yearning for a few easy dresses to wear through this pregnancy. But it has been near impossible to find any that fit well. This dress is simple but cute and stands out a little with its stripes. I think I’ll be able to dress it up for evening and definitely wear it as a day dress from now with leggings and then with bare legs this summer. Hooray!

I’m on a mission to find cute maternity clothes – check out some of my other finds on my Pinterest board Pregnant in Style!

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