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Our Double Stroller Choice – The Bugaboo Donkey

So by the time we got this far in our double stroller search, and started trying the strollers for real, it was really down to the Baby Jogger City Select, and the Bugaboo Donkey for us.

Both of these stroller fulfilled all of our criteria, and they were really the only ones that did since no other double strollers out there really offer the flexibility to use the stroller as a single when you are only strolling one child, and also to choose which way each child will face individually. And both of these criteria were really important to us.

Besides that, these two strollers are a little different since one is a side-by-side and one is double lengthwise. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they come with very different price tags too.

For me, it was pretty clear early on that I preferred the Bugaboo and would have chosen it straight off if both strollers had cost the same. But they don’t. For my husband, he wasn’t 100% sure which one he preferred, but he definitely liked the narrow shape of the City Select and the easy city maneuvering that comes with it.

We got some good insights from some of you in comments here and here and on Facebook. Thank you!

In the end, I think it came down a little bit to the fact that I didn’t feel like I was in any real contact with Alec when he was seated in the second seat of the City Select and we had the bassinet up top. And we reasoned that the (ca SEK 5000/USD 750) price difference between the two was not as significant given how much we are going to use this stroller over the next several years.

So the Bugaboo Donkey it is! Now we just have to decide where to buy it, and what colors and accessories we are going to have. On the Bugaboo site you can play around with different configurations and colors and then test drive them.

I think the black base will be the smartest choice since it won’t look as dirty over time, but I am torn between just going for the cream colored shades (with black seat liners) on both sides, or being a little bolder and having a red shade for the seat and a blue shade for the canopy on the bassinet (with blue and red seat liners?). The limited edition colors jade green, coral red and electric blue are pretty tempting too… Maybe jade green canopies on black bases? Which color(s) would you choose?

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  1. Jenny
    Posted May 21, 2012 at 02:56 | Permalink

    We bought the Donkey last week and I know how tough it is to choose colours!! I spent many nights playing around with the colour selector thingy on the Bugaboo site (so fun!). We finally decided on black bases with the bassinet in off-white and the second seat with a black canopy. We only have one little munchkin at the moment but hoping to have two by the end of next year! So later on I think I might get a girly coloured sun canopy if we have a little girl next! And I am so in love with the jade green as well!!!

    • Mina
      Posted May 23, 2012 at 12:53 | Permalink

      Good choice! And lucky you that you could just have the Donkey from the start – it wasn’t available yet when we had our first baby. We are just about to (finally) order ours and I think we have finally decided to get the bases in sand and the canopies in black. Our neighborhood is FULL of this stroller but I have only seen one other in that color combo, so hopefully it’ll make things easier at the playground where there are a hundred or more stroller lined up on weekends.

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