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Two for the Fridge: Back to Basics

Raising a little mini is intense and I definitely recognize the need to step back once in a while and refocus on what you are doing and how. This week I came across two good reminders (on two of my very favourite blogs) that speak to that feeling.

The first (“PRIDE”) is from Modern Parents Messy Kids. It’s all about making the most of your time with your children,building a strong bond with them and strengthening their self-confidence and sense of self. For an explanation of each element and a printable for your fridge, visit MPMK here.

The other is from How We Montessori and it’s just a reminder of the fundamentals of the montessori method:

  • Treat the child with the same respect as you would give an adult;
  • Be consistent in your approach to the child;
  • Provide encouragement and refrain from correction unless absolutely necessary;
  • Provide an ordered and secure environment and routine;
  • Allow the child to work at their own pace and without interference;
  • Allow the child to be actively involved in decision making;
  • Allow the child to have responsibility within their capabilities.

Two good reminders that are going up on our fridge so we can take a quick look (and a deep breath) before getting on with it.

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