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How to Organize Your Entire Life

Did you happen to catch this hilarious post on Modern Parents Messy Kids?

At first it had me sooo inspired. I was thinking – wow, she did it. That means it’s doable. That means I can do it! Then I got to the end of the post and had a good laugh.

But the day after I was still feeling a little of that inspiration so I rolled up my sleeves and dug into some of the piles of stuff that we hadn’t properly un-packed and/or sorted and I actually got a lot done.

That first funny post on MPMK has since become a serious project that I am definitely on board with. I’m not sure that my list will look exactly like Steph’s but I definitely have a looong list to tackle and I am sure the end result we are going for is pretty much the same.

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So, the first phase is creating a weekly schedule. Do you have one? How rigid is it? We haven’t really had one, although I think sometimes the days and weeks take on a rhythm of their own and when you look back on what you did when, you realize that you always do the laundry on Mondays even if it wasn’t scheduled like that.

I guess the first step is to decide on what should be on that schedule, what actually has to get done every single week? For us it’s laundry, tidying up before the cleaners come, taking out the recycling, errands (usually buying this and that), grocery-shopping and paper work. Then there are activities with Alec, blogging, trying to get in order in our apartment (which feels like an epic project), just keeping in touch with friends via e-mail etc, but those are things that happen on any or no day of the week and which I won’t put in a schedule.

Our weekly rhythm looks a little like this most weeks:

On Mondays I do the laundry. This means about 5-6 loads of laundry (in a climate-smart washing machine that takes over two hours per load), and I will still have to do a load or two later in the week so that Laundry Day on Monday is achievable. Alec gets into it and “helps” with sorting and filling the washing machine and usually by 9pm I’m done.

On Tuesdays I sort and fold the laundry. So Laundry Day is actually two days. But I couldn’t get it all done on one day, so I’ve divided it up even if it means letting the clothes get a little wrinklier overnight. I can usually keep Alec busy (with a discovery box or similar) long enough to sort a load or two, and then I’ll do the rest while he is napping or in front of the TV in the evening.

On Wednesdays we are usually out all morning at Open Nursery School, so I just try to spend some time getting organized and tidying up as much as I can before the cleaners come on Thursday. This is also the best day to take out all the recycling.

On Thursdays my husband will often take the car and do a full weekly grocery shopping excursion, picking up all the basics plus whatever we need for the menu for the coming week (which I usually scramble to put together right before he goes off to do the shopping). If he doesn’t do a big grocery run, Alec and I will just pick up what we need every couple of days at the smaller grocery store down the block when we are out walking or doing other errands.

No work on Fridays and the weekend!

Photo credit: Modern Parents Messy Kids

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  1. Posted February 21, 2012 at 07:27 | Permalink

    Hi! I found you because I just couldn’t resist the name when I saw a list of what my friend, Monique, liked but return because you have a great site! (Do you know the Stromberg) Are you in Sweden or the US? Adorable little baby! I started a blog in January. We’re an American/Swedish/French family living in Sweden were I freelance as a designer…come by my site, maybe there’s some way we’d complete one another at some point! Best/Gina

    • Mina
      Posted February 21, 2012 at 19:46 | Permalink

      Hi Gina! Thanks for stopping by – I’m so glad you like Mini Piccolini! I do know the Strombergs – Ola and I were colleagues and I met the lovely Monique several times in Shanghai. We recently moved back home to Stockholm from Atlanta – are you also in Sthlm? I LOVE your blog! Adding it to my blogroll and will be checking in daily!

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