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Mini Piccolini’s Favourite Things for Travel

We have travel on our minds right now. Alec and I are just back from our first trip on our own, and in two weeks, we are making the looong trip back to Sweden. The last time we did that trip, Alec was much smaller and less mobile, so it’s going to be interesting this time. And I don’t even want to think about the jet lag with the 6 hour time difference. Last time that was the worst part of the whole experience (which otherwise actually went very well). Needless to say, traveling with infants is not easy, but here are my favourite things to make it go a little smoother:

1. BABY BJÖRN TRAVEL COT. We literally spent hours debating back and forth if we should buy this travel cot or a cheaper one. We are so happy that we chose the BabyBjörn. It’s so light and it’s crazy easy to set-up and disassemble. It’s nice and cosy and comfy and it is such an advantage to have your own travel cot to bring with you to hotels etc. Alec has slept in his travel cot in eight different places and we love that it is just as easy to put him down in this bed, as it is in his own crib at home, since he recognizes it and feels safe there.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep On-the-Go Travel Sound Machine

2. TRAVEL SLEEP SHEEP. Alec has the “regular” sleep sheep by his crib at home, and when we are traveling, he has the smaller, travel version by his travel cot. Having the same sounds playing when he falls asleep away from home, as he would hear falling asleep at home, seems to make him feel secure and helps him to fall asleep.

3. IN THE POCKET BABY SEAT. A teeny little pouch carries a portable little high chair that you can take with you anywhere. This seat is really easy to attach to almost any kind of chair and it makes a very stable place for baby to eat. I have used this tons, even as an extra high chair for visiting babies when we are home.

4. PORTABLE NURSING PILLOW. The “Petite” nursing pillow by Kurtis is small enough to fit in your diaper bag and makes nursing on the go a little more comfy. I don’t carry this around with me everywhere, but if you are going to be away for a couple of days, not long enough to pack a boppy, but too long to make do without any kind of support, this is a great option. Especially on flights.

Plum Dispensing Spoon

5. BOON INC. DISPENSING SPOON. I just don’t know how I would have been able to give Alec lunch on our flights last week without this spoon. He was in my lap, so I couldn’t use the tray table to put a jar or pouch of baby food on. And he was all over the place, so the potential for crazy messiness was there. But these little spoon tops easily screw on to the spouts of ready-made baby food from Plum Organics and similar (the spoon is supposed to be exclusively for Plum but it works equally well with any baby foods with screw-on caps), and then you just squeeze out the food. It’s the only way I can think of to feed a 9-month old one-handed.

6. DISPOSABLE CHANGING PADS. Either get the kind that are actually made for changing babies (like these from Munchkin), or just stock up on drug store varieties like they use in the hospital. They are bigger than most portable changing pads, perfect for changing baby on a hotel bed or on the floor of an airplane that doesn’t have a changing table (like I had to do the other day). When you’re done changing, you can just scrunch up the entire pad and throw the whole mess away.


7. SMITTEN BABY WET TOTES. These are sturdy and durable, water resistant, have a handy clip so you can attach them to the outside of your bag or your stroller if you are carrying around something messy, and the bright colours make them easy to spot in a big messy bag. I use them to organize my diaper bag when we are traveling (changing items in one, feeding stuff in another, emergency change of clothes in a third, and toys etc in the last one) and when we’re not traveling I keep changing stuff in one tote in my diaper bag. I like to know I have it if things get really messy and I need an easy way to carry home a wet onesie or similar.

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