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Annelie, Mats & their Triplets(!) Favourite Things

My good friend Annelie was as shocked as everybody else when she found out that she was expecting triplets two years ago. She and her Mats now have three fabulous little girls, Elin, Tilde and Hanna, who are just past 18 months old. I cannot even fathom how they got through that first year with the triplets, but they did and Annelie and Matte really are the most cool and collected parents I know! They are a wonderful family and we look forward to seeing tons more of at least one of the girls, since Annelie says Alec may have his pick of the three little beauties (she also refers to him as her future son-in-law)!

Here are some of Annelie’s favourite things!

A mother of triplets top tips! I spent a lot of time wondering whether I would have different advice than other mothers just because I happened to have had three little ones all at once, but I quickly realized that that isn’t the case. Partly because there aren’t so many products out there that are specific to multiples, but also because the best things, whether practical or just beautiful, are the same for all parents.

1. CAMCORDER. We bought a camcorder when the children were already three months old, which was much too late. Time goes by so quickly and you forget how small newborns can be. Ours weighed only 2kgs (4.5 lbs) when they were take out and we hardly even have any pictures of them then, let alone video. So my best and most important tips is a little camcorder! Buy it while you’re pregnant and don’t forget to film your tummy!

2. TOMMEE TIPPEE BOTTLES. Bottles are a science unto themselves, and I think that everyone has their favourites, but for us, Tommee Tippee have worked perfectly. We tried tons of different ones before we found the one that suited our children and our needs.Tommee Tippe is a breast-shaped bottle that facilitates transitioning between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. Easy for the child to hold themselves too! Ours have been feeding themselves from their own bottles since they were six months old.

Design your own puzzle stool.

3. BONDE OF SWEDEN STOOL. A completely superfluous but wonderfully charming stool. My dream stool! But I have to buy three so I’ve been waiting. Check out their personalized puzzle stools with your child’s name as a puzzle on the top! Lovely! I’ve even signed up for a woodworking class this autumn so that I can make my own. They also have really cool 3D carpets.

4. MONOGRAMMED GIFTS. The best christening present that our girls received and that we love, and that I through the years have given to all the babies I know, is a pillow with the babies’ names embroidered on it. The name is at the top of the pillow so that it doesn’t bother the child when she’s sleeping. Wonderful to sleep on, to have in the crib or later on, to have as decoration in the room of an older child. Get them, or a monogrammed blanket (isn’t that the perfect gift?) at Floralin & Junior.

5. KRAMA TOWELS. Maybe not so glamorous but for us, with three little spitter-upers, they were an absolute essential. IKEA’s small towelettes, are cheap and perfect when you have vomiting newborns or when they’re older and pee all over.

6. PATERNITY LEAVE. Mats has been home on Wednesdays which has made the weeks very manageable Two days of chaos before you can exhale a little. We have both found this solution invaluable. Mats gets an extra day with the children and I get a break in the middle of the week when the weekend seems impossibly far away. Of course it’s a financial question, but it’s wonderful if it’s possible.

7. BEAN BAG CHAIR. For when you’re pregnant and then for the child or children. I lived in the bean bag chair when I was super pregnant and now it’s the kids’ favourite toy. They throw themselves on it, climb it, and sleep on it. Friends who’ve had a second or third child say that a bean bag chair is the best when an older child is holding a new baby – it’s easy to shape so that it’s safe and comfy. It’s also perfect when you’re nursing. I could go on forever about this.

I also have to add one last thing that isn’t actually a thing: I know it’s a cliché but it’s all about taking one day at a time. Once the children are asleep in the evening, try to really feel good about having gotten through the day so well. All parents go through the same things in some way or another.

Would you like to share your favourite things on Mini Piccolini? Get in touch and let me know!

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