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Alec’s Dad Sumit’s Favourite Things

A special Favourite Things List today! Featuring my husband, and Alec’s dad, Sumit.

Sumit is a wonderful husband and I knew he would be a wonderful father, even though he had hardly even held a newborn before Alec arrived. When we had our little baby and became a family, Sumit immediately realized that there is no such thing as “quality time” with little kids. It’s all about quantity, about being there as much as possible through all the mundane, every-day stuff. As a result of this realization, Sumit has really prioritized spending as much time as possible with Alec. With or without me.

Here are Sumit’s favourite things from the first months with his son:

1. THE MORNING SHIFT. The highlight of my day since Alec was born has been our mornings together while mum catches up on some sleep. Babies are often at their best early in the morning and our morning playtimes before I go to work have been so much fun. Thanks to pumped breast milk, I’ve been able to spend several hours alone with Alec including diaper changes, feeds and putting him down for a nap. Our wonderful mornings together were made possible by pumped breast milk, so that we got a few hours together without needing mum, the baby gym/play mat to give us a place to play and to give me a chance to get a few other things done at the same time, and the bouncy chair, so that I could have a shower and get dressed with Alec right there with me.

2. SWIMMING WITH BABY. I was looking forward to swimming with our baby even before we knew we were expecting. I love the water and it makes me so happy that Alec does too! It’s been so fun seeing him experience weightlessness and develop his little swimming skills at our H2O Baby classes.


3. WUBBANUB PACIFIERS. These pacifiers with a little monkey attached have really helped Alec to develop his fine motor skills. I also like that he isn’t constantly sucking on a pacifier; quite often it’s enough for him to have the little monkey to play with.

4. HALO SLEEP SACK SWADDLE. Alec seemed really comfortable sleeping in these swaddles and they served as a good cue that it was time to sleep. Of course the best part is that Alec immediately started sleeping for much longer stretches at night when we started using these swaddles. Also, one of my favourite moments with Alec was watching him stretch and squirm around for several minutes when we opened up the swaddle in the mornings. So cute!

5. BABY BJÖRN TRAVEL BED. This bed is really foolproof. You can assemble or disassemble it in less than two minutes and it is so light and portable. A really good buy.

6. SONY A55 DSLR CAMERA. Especially the extra portrait lens which we have used a lot. We had professional newborn photos taken, but really almost didn’t need to as we got such great portraits of Alec with this camera.

LEKA Baby gym

7. PLAY MAT/BABY GYM. We had two of them, one from IKEA and one from Baby Einstein. This has been great to keep Alec busy for the few moments you need to get yourself some breakfast. Also, for the long period when Alec hated to lie on his tummy, hanging out on the play mat really kept him happy and busy on his back. I have actually spent alot of time lying on my back with Alec checking out the hanging toys together when he was smaller.

8. BABY BJÖRN BOUNCY CHAIR. When Alec was still too small to sit up but not thrilled about lying around on his back, the bouncy chair was the perfect place for him to hang out. Especially great to have after his morning bottle as sitting a little more upright minimized spit-up. During our mornings together, Alec would sit in his bouncy chair with me in the bathroom while I had a shower and got ready for work.

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