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Randal & Her Twinnies Favourite Things

Randal is one of my new friends in Atlanta. We did pregnancy water aerobics together before our babies arrived and Randal used to call it “Fatty Water”. She had her two(!) babies about a month before I had my one. But despite taking care of two little cuties, she is always the most “put-together” mum at our get-togethers.

Here are some of Randal, Charlotte and North’s favourite things:

1.  Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper. My sister swore by this sleeper -so we ended up getting two of them and I am SO glad we did.  Our babies sleep so well in them.  They are very light, portable and at a slight incline which was perfect since one of our babies had problems with acid reflux.  You can place a swaddled baby right in and they are very cozy and comfortable.  Since two babies do not always sleep at the same time, they were also helpful to use for naps when I needed to move whichever baby was sleeping to a quieter area of the house.  Recently, we packed both of them up into a suitcase and used them on vacation too.  

2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib. These were a great find.  They have a little neck roll that keeps the milk from dribbling down under the chin during bottle or breast feeding.  I got a set as a gift and immediately went out and bought a bunch more because they did such a great job of sparing outfits after feedings.  Less outfit changes = less laundry!
3. Serena and Lily Nursery Basics Crib Bedding. This is a perfect line for twin bedding because they have several colors that you can mix and match with to create a uniform look to your nursery while still having unique crib bedding for each baby.  We went with the “punch” and the “chambray” with several sheet combinations and I like the way it turned out.
4.  Bumble Ride Indie Twin All Terrain Stroller. I had a hard time deciding which double stroller to get and we ended up getting this one as a gift so I didn’t even have to choose!   I couldn’t be happier with it.  The seats fully recline independently so you can use it even for newborn babies.  The sun canopies also provide great coverage, and it has a large storage area underneath.

5.  Fisher Price Space Saver High Chairs. Two high chairs can take up a lot of room – we went with these and I have used them much more than I ever thought we would.  They are not really fancy, but easy to move around and can be a good spot to “sit” one baby when you are busy with the other one.  I put them both on the floor a lot and, they recline back so are good for double feeding two babies at once.

6. Noise Machine from Sharper Image. We turn this on at night and during nap times.  Not only does it help to drown out the noises the babies may be making, but they now associate it with sleeping – so when it goes on… they (usually) know it’s time to sleep.
7. Skin Care - CeraVe products. For bath time we use CeraVe hydrating cleanser and afterwards, the moisturizing cream.  My babies seem to have pretty sensitive skin and this is a great line for them and adults too.

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