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Our Teutonia Stroller

Everywhere we go right now, at least once every day, we get asked about our stroller and diaper bag. So, the stroller: We have a Mistral S* from German Teutonia. It’s a great stroller.

Until this week we used the stroller with the Fashion Bassinett. Having a bassinett has been very practical while Alec was small, but now he’s getting so tall that he almost doesn’t fit in it. We have also loved being able to use the adaptor to put our Graco car seat directly on the chassis since we are in and out of the car so much.


Now we’re using the regular stroller and we are very happy with it so far.

Why did we choose the Mistral S? We have tons of friends who have loved their Teutonia strollers, so the choice to go with that brand was pretty easy. As for the model, it was important to us that we could switch the handle bar over and use the stroller with the big wheels in front to get better handling in rougher terrain and when it’s snowy in Stockholm. We love the stroller, it handles well, we feel like the quality is really good, and it has just worked great for us. I would say that while I wouldn’t choose another stroller than the Teutonia, if I knew we would be spending so much time in Atlanta versus Stockholm, I would have probably preferred a lighter, less heavy duty chassis to make lifting it in and out of the car easier, and a lighter colour. We chose black keeping in mind the muck of being out and about so much in Stockholm’s four seasons. In Atlanta, I think a lighter colour would work better in the heat.

Teutonia also makes double strollers to accomodate twins or siblings.

But all in all, a really great stroller that I would DEFINITELY recommend!

* The model is called something else in the US but it is available. In Atlanta you can get it at B. Braithwaite and New Baby Products

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  1. Heather
    Posted July 20, 2011 at 12:22 | Permalink

    Hi Mina,

    I just bought a second hand Teutonia Mistral stroller set from 2009 off blocket, along with a Graco car seat. Thank you for your review, it makes me feel like I made the right choice for Stockholm!

    Can you let me know which adapter you bought for the car seat, because the saleswoman at Babyland told me that the car seat adapter only works with Teutonia’s own car seat, and it would be great if I could find the one that works with the Graco seat.



    • Mina
      Posted July 24, 2011 at 22:28 | Permalink

      Hi Heather!

      You absolutely made the right choice for Sthlm. During our time in Atlanta I have felt like I would have preferred a lighter chassi (still Teutonia but maybe not Mistral S) since I load and unload the stroller from my car a million times a day, and also a lighter colour, given the heat. But while in Sweden I realized we definitely made the right choices. We used the stroller in the country with the back wheels in front and it handled so well. And just walking in the park the stroller got so dirty that I was glad I had chosen black!

      We have the Tario adapter: But we actually had a Graco car seat (/babyskydd). It was exactly like the Tario car seat but Graco branded. I think you should be able to use them together as Graco and Teutonia are actually connected somehow… In the US, Teutonia strollers etc are actually manufactured locally by Graco… If you are able, I would bring in your car seat and see if it works. I find the sales staff at Babyland sooo unhelpful – it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they are wrong.

      Good luck!

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