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French Bridal Shower Breakfast

French Bridal Shower Breakfast by Mini Piccolini

I just came across this post that made me so nostalgic.

Three years ago I hosted a breakfast for my friend Caroline who was about to marry her Frenchman Aurelien. The long lovely brunch might have been my favourite part of Caroline’s whole send-off into wifehood. It was so great to just cash up properly with some friends that I don’t get to see often enough. Now I want to plan a bridal shower without a bride!

A French Bridal Shower Breakfast by Mini Piccolini

More photos and all of the details here.

Also, an easy spring brunch.

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Louis’ Sandbox Ice Cream Shop

It finally feels like spring has come to Stockholm. Today was sunny and lovely and warm (no mittens!) and Louis and Léonie and I decided to stop by the playground to play for a bit after pre-school. It felt amazing to be without the big warm hats and clumsy mittens. I even worried that Louis was getting too much sun!

There were so many kids out – some pre-school friends, but mostly children we didn’t know – and poor little Louis had to fight pretty hard to keep a shovel in his hand!

Although many Stockholm playgrounds are staffed and well-supplied with sand toys, our favourite little park between pre-school and home doesn’t have any, so we have to bring our own. Today Louis played with this ice cream sand toy set with little cones and dishes and an ice cream scoop. It’s super cute and I love that all the pieces fit in the little bucket so it’s easy to bring along.

Louis made us raspberry ice cream cones and Léonie and I enjoyed the sun and chatted with a new pre-school mom. And then we went home and made dinner.

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Dip Dyed Wooden Easter Ornaments

Mini Piccolini - Dip dyed wooden Eastern ornaments

Here in Sweden Easter is when we first get a real feeling of spring in the air. One of the traditions I love the most at this time of year is to bring branches into the home and let them bloom. A couple of weeks ago, my parents brought us some apple branches from the country and they are now blooming and lovely! Alec says he “can’t wait until the apples start to grow in our living room”.

For Easter we Swedes decorate our branches colored feathers and little Easter ornaments and it makes me happy every time I pass our spring branch bouquet!

Mini Piccolini - Dip Dyed Wooden Easter OrnamentsMini Piccolini - Dip dyed wooden Easter ornaments

Mini Piccolini - Dip dyed wooden Easter ornaments

This year, I found some lovely little wooden eggs in the craft store and Alec, Louis and I had a great time painting them. Since I love the look of the natural wood showing through, I decided to keep it simple and give my eggs a dip-dyed effect. I’ll save you the tutorial, because of course it couldn’t be easier: I just used craft paint and a little brush to paint the bottom half of my eggs. I think they turned out fabulous!Mini Piccolini - Dip dyed wooden Easter ornaments

Of course, the coolest little egg hanging on our branches is the much less minimalistic one Alec painted. He was at it for ages and it turned out so great! What a little artist!

Mini Piccolini - Dip dyed wooden Easter ornaments

We’re putting some of our painted egg ornaments in egg carton gift boxes as Easter gifts (together with these Easter chick cake pops).

Mini Piccolini - Dip dyed wooden Easter ornamentsMini Piccolini - Dip dyed wooden Easter ornaments

Today, all of us bloggers in The Creative Collective Sweden are sharing something egg-themed to make for Easter. Join us by posting what you make for Easter using the hashtag #tccseaster. We can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

The Creative Collective is made up of: WillowdayMormorsglamour, Craft and CreativityHemma med HelenaPysselbolagetLina by the bayPastillMini PiccoliniHildas HemMade by Mary. Hurry to our blogs to see what we’ve made for today!

Also, more about how we celebrate Easter in Sweden, and an easy spring brunch.

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Easter Chick Cake Pops

Cake pops are a fun addition to any celebration, so I knew that’s what I had to make for The Creative Collective’s Easter Candy theme today!

Cake pops can be a little tricky but these are no-bake with very few ingredients and they are delicious. They are always a hit at any party and I’m excited to give these as gifts this Easter!

Click past the break for the recipe!

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Bloppis – Buy Our Kids’ Clothes

It’s been a little emotional around here lately. Ok. I’ve been a little emotional lately.

I’m sorting through, and packing up, and selling our kids’ outgrown (or sometimes never worn) clothes. Léonie is our last baby and I can’t keep all of the baby clothes around anymore. So, I’m selling it all here on the blog.

It’s all in good shape and there is a ton of it – I’m adding more pieces every day as Léonie is growing out of clothes fast than I can sort through them. There will also be some gear (our awesome Stokke day bed pictured above) and maternity stuff!

All the proceeds from these sales will be donated directly to UNICEF. So cheek it out, pick up some great pieces at a great price, and you’ll be doing something good at the same time!

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Painted Egg Cartons for Easter

Yesterday was such a rainy day, so the boys and I decided to do some painting in the morning. Alec and Louis are reluctant crafters, but today they painted wooden egg cups and I think they enjoyed it. And it looks like Léonie wanted to get involved too!

In the meantime, I painted a couple of egg cartons to use as gift boxes this Easter:

I just removed the labels and painted the cartons with craft paint. A second layer was needed where there was print on the top and sides, but for the rest of the carton, one layer of paint was enough. I decided to leave the inside of my cartons un-painted, but you could certainly paint the whole carton if you wanted to (like DesignMom does). You can also use spray paint to paint your cartons, like Kreativa Karin does.

This is such a simple but also charming way to give an Easter gift. We’ve filled ours with these fabulous egg candles, fun feathers and little egg shell planters (LOVE planting in egg shells!) for now. Make sure to check in tomorrow and Thursday to see what goodies I’ll be filling these cartons with as Easter gifts!

Also, how we celebrate Easter in Sweden, and charming Easter cards for the children to make!

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