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Make your own Advent Calendar

My Dad wrote a book about advent calendars in the 80s. The first page is actually the first page of another Swedish Christmas book, Johan’s Jul, and it reads

“November is long and grey, we long for the last day of the month, because that’s when Father brings home the advent calendar”.

I have always loved advent calendars. When I was little, my godmother used to send us advent calendars from Switzerland, full of delicious milk chocolates, with a proper big bar of chocolate behind the 24th door. And my Dad made us great DIY calendars. One year he made them out of match boxes, and another year my sister and I each had a little Christmas tree with 24 small packages hanging from it – one to open every morning until Christmas.

This is the first year that I think Little A will understand and really get into the concept of an advent calendar, and I’m so excited to have this countdown to Christmas together with him. I don’t think I am going to make a proper DIY calendar for this year, but I have been pinning lots of ideas, and there is still time to do it if you want to! Here are my favorites:

Origami Igloo Village Calendar

Hanging Branch Calendar

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar

DIY Takeout Containers

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Calendar

Chalkboard Advent Calendar

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Pumpkin Spice Autumn Muesli

Looking for the perfect homemade hostess gift for the holidays? How about roasting some (quick and easy), healthy, fragrant and delicious muesli?

Since I try to go organic and avoid too much added sugar, I roast my own muesli. Sumit and I have it for breakfast every day, and the kids like to help me make it. I try to pack my muesli as full of good-for-you nuts and seeds as I can and then I vary the recipe a little so that it’s not always the same. We love it!

For this autumn muesli I used lots of pumpkin seeds, almonds and dried cranberries. For sweetness I used a little maple syrup and some honey, and then I added pumpkin spice to make it feel really autumny.

This muesli is perfect on a brunch table or in a jar layered with greek yoghurt and fresh fruit for a healthy energizing afternoon snack (or lunch). For a personal hostess gift this Thanksgiving, put some musli in a mason jar and tie a pretty gift tag around it.

Click past the break for the recipe!

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Our Engagement Anniversary

Today it’s been 5 years since Sumit and I got engaged. We never really know which anniversaries to celebrate – the day we met? The day we got engaged? The day we got married? We used to end up not really celebrating any of our anniversaries and then sort of saying “we’ll just catch the next one”, so we finally decided to just celebrate the anniversary of the day of our civil ceremony (but the other day Sumit surprised me with a gift on the anniversary of the day we met, so let’s see).

But actually, for me, the big thing was our engagement. After we got married, Sumit and I looked at each other and asked “do you feel different?”. And neither of us felt a bit different. But getting engaged felt big. It felt like it sort of made us official. Suddenly I had a ring on my finger – something public, that said to the world that we were forever.

Did getting married or getting engaged feel bigger for you? Do you celebrate all your anniversaries or just one?

Also – tips for a more personal wedding.

Photos: Lindísima 

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It’s Friday!

This week has been ROUGH. I don’t think I have ever been so sleep-deprived in my life. But now it’s almost the weekend and I am hoping to catch up on some sleep! What are your plans?

Sumit and I are going to get a couple of apartment projects underway today. The boys have been asking for a sleepover at my in-laws’, so we might “lend” them out tonight and just veg out with Sumit’s favourite dinner and a few episodes of Scandal. And I wouldn’t mind a late, lazy breakfast tomorrow morning! My big kid Alec just started football (soccer) last weekend and he is pumped for his second practice on Sunday! I can’t believe I’m an actual soccer mom…

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Here are some fun links to keep you busy!

How to get ready for a party in 5 minutes.

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Teeny Tiny New Earrings

Back in the day, my bestie and I used to get together on Saturdays and do the town. Which always meant the following: Read More »

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Easy Autumn Leaf Wreath

Do you guys follow Gina at Willowday? If you don’t – you should! I first saw this wreath on Willowday and immediately knew I wanted to make one with Alec. So last (Canadian) Thanksgiving, when the leaves were all perfectly yellow, we made an autumn leaf wreath and it graced my parent’s front door in the country all season. Read More »

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