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Painted Cut-out Heart Valentines (and 3 great ways to up-cycle kids art)

Louis and I are sharing fun and easy Valentines to make together with small children and 3 great ways to up-cycle kids’ art into Valentines on Hellobee today. Check it out!

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Swedish Semlor – Sweet buns filled with almond paste and whipped cream

From just after New Years until Easter, we Swedes are all about our “semlor”. A semla is a sweet, cardomom-spiced bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream that we eat for lent. And the big day for them is tomorrow, on Fat Tuesday.

These days  there are a ton of different versions available. We love the chocolate ones from Chokladfabriken. Last year’s big sensation in Stockholm was the wrap semla that one bakery hyped, and 7eleven had croissant semlor. This year it looks like 7eleven has added a version that looks like a hot dog.
But if you ask me, classic is best. Here is my recipe if you want to try it:
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Delicious and HEALTHY Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

These truly healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are a new favourite around here. I’m sharing the recipe over on Hellobee if you’d like to give it a try!

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House Tour: Our Stockholm Flat

Our apartment is for sale. At the end of November we (sort of spontaneously) bought a little white house in the suburbs and we’ll be moving in the spring. So now we have to sell our beloved flat. We’re equal parts thrilled (because we think this house is going to be a really great fit for us) and crushed because we LOVE our home and can’t really imagine moving. We moved in when we came back to Stockholm from Atlanta with baby Alec, so we have really built our family here. Sumit has always dreamed of a house with a garden, but he fell in love with our apartment and neighborhood and we are both going to find it really difficult to leave.

We live on the fourth floor in a 107-year old building in the city. It has the smallest elevator known to man, the nicest neighbors, and it’s close to a ton of great restaurants, cafés, parks and shops. We walk everywhere. Our apartment has high ceilings and big old windows and we love it. But until a few days ago, it never really felt 100% “finished”.

Between three babies in three years and everything that comes along with them, decorating hasn’t been a priority. We just really had a hard time deciding on what stuff to get. The decisions felt so final, the right stuff so expensive, we got a little stuck. But when we finally had to get it ready to sell (in Stockholm’s insane housing market), it was the push we needed to just get those last little things we needed to get our flat done.

Here are some pictures, if you’re curious:

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Winter White (no-bake!) Gingerbread Cake Pops

Today on Hellobee I’m sharing all the how-tos to make these delicious and pretty winter white cake pops! Pop over and check it out!

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What we’re getting our children for Christmas

Spoiler alert: the short answer is “not much”.

The Christmases of my childhood were magical. I remember how long the lead-up to the holidays felt. I remember making wish lists and mailing them to santa clause, earmarking pages in toy catalogues so my parents would know exactly what we were hoping to find under the tree. And Christmas morning, running downstairs to see all the packages piled up under the tree. We’d shake them and look around for clues for what was in them (since in Sweden we open presents after dinner. I’ll never forget what a giveaway my mum’s wrapping of my first riding helmet was and how thrilled I was to find it there under the tree. I had been wanting my own helmet for months and for Christmas that year, I got one.

But the anticipation of Christmas presents isn’t really there for our kids. When asked what they want for Christmas, they can’t really think of anything. My mum is always saying how fantastic it is that our children are so un-focused on their presents, but the truth is not that they’re un-materialistic, they’re just spoiled.

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